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Interview with IPAV CEO with RTE radio 1 Drivetime on the topic of the right of those on rent allowance/HAP schemes to view rental properties (Interview starts towards end of programme at 2:23:20) - RTE radio 1 22.03.17

Estate agent ordered to pay man €1.5k over apartment viewing refusal - Irish Indepdendent 22.03.17

Home ownership in Dublin falls to record low Central Statistics Office figures show one in four residents of the capital are now – by Fiona Reddan Irish Times 14.03.17

Have the Irish given up on owning their own homes? The number of people buying rather than renting has fallen to a near 50-year low – by Fiona Reddan Irish Times 14.03.17

On the topic of CSO March house price figures Interview with IPAV CEO with Galway BayFM 13.03.17 

State ‘not learning lesson’ from economic crash – Irish Examiner 12.03.17

On the topic of CSO March house price figures Interview with IPAV CEO with Newstalk Drivetime 10.03.17 

Housing prices set to rise due to lack of homes, claims IPAV – Dublinlive.ie 10.03.17

Rebuilding Initiatives still wait for the cost analysis - The Sunday Times 12.02.17

The West's Awake House Prices Leapt Up By 18% in 2016 - The Daily Mail  11.02.17

West sees fastest rate of house price growth – Irish Examiner 10.02.17

Property or a pension: where can you get a better return? – The Irish Times 24.01.17 

Rural action plan boosts towns - but fast broadband is needed urgently – Donegal Now - 23.01.17

RTE Six one TV News - IPAV’s Eamon O’Flaherty interviewed - 23.01.17

How much is your House worth in 2017? -Irish Independent 21.01.17

How much is your House worth in 2017? Ask the experts: Is there a danger of another property bubble forming, as some are claiming? - Irish Independent 21.01.17

House price hikes ‘show politicians fail to learn lesson’ – Irish Examiner 17.01.17

Pat Davitt: Mortgage rules change good but more required - Agent View - Irish Independent 27.11.17

The business of Property by Philip Farrell Real Deal - Irish Independent 27.11.17

Lenient property loan rules risk surge in prices – Irish Examiner 24.11.16

IPAV's Submission to the CBI on LTV & LTI Mortgage Lending Regulations: Newstalk ; Irish Examinerbreakingnews.ie ; Evening Echo ; Western People ;Wexford Echo

New IPAV president sets out his stall -  Irish Times - 23.06.16

Real deal. The business of property  - Sunday Independent - 19.06.2016

Eight reasons why the property market is still struggling -  Irish Times - 23.06.16

High-rise housing could solve crisis in the capital - Sunday Independent - 19.06.16

IPAV president Alan Redmond calls for review of vulture funds - Irish Examiner - 16.06.16

Redmond Calls For Review Of Vulture Funds - North County Leader - 14.06.16

Conference in Dublin to discuss housing crisis - Breakingnews.ie - 11.06.16

Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers wants review of vulture funds - RTE’s 9pm News - 11.06.16

Expectations high for IPAV meeting - Irish Independent / Business - 02.06.16

We must be bold to beat the logjam in  housing - The Sunday Times - 08.05.16

Home economics: answering your property questions – Irish Independent - 06.05.16

'Help to buy' housing scheme needed, committee told – The Irish Times - 04.05.16

I'd struggle with loan under Central Bank mortgage rules - TD -  The Herald - 04.05.16

Property prices continuing to show upward momentum - Irish Examiner - 27.04.16

Property prices up 7.4% in year to March - The Irish Times / Business - 26.04.16

Agent View: The outlook? It all depends on who you are – Sunday Independent / Business Personal Finance 03.04.16

Mortgage lending rules may not be changed in upcoming review - The Irish Times - 01.04.16

Dublin house prices fall for fourth month in a row - The Irish Times / Business 31.03.16

Houses in Dublin are desirable and yet nobody seems able to buy them – The Irish Independent / Opinion Comment 31.03.16

Apartment prices rise as investors swoop in – Irish Independent – 31.03.16

Commuter Belt Spreading Well Into Midlands - IPAV CEO - Midlands103.com - 30.03.16

Property prices up 8% in last 12 months, figures show - Irish Independent - 30.03.16

Central Bank accused of 'deliberately promoting renting over ownership' - Irish Independent / Business - 24.03.16

Auctioneers using drones to give buyers a bird’s-eye view – Irish Examiner - 21.03.16

Real Deal: IPAV proposes funding scheme to tackle crisis – Sunday Independent / Life Home - 20.03.16

All to play for: the dust from the general election is still settling – Sunday Business Post - 06.03.16

Time to help those who can’t buy, rent or build - The Sunday Business Post - 28.02.16

IPAV Calls for postponement of DPS - Daft.ie Insights - 17.02.16 

Calls for cash deals to get elderly 'empty nesters' out of large homes, 26,000 houses could be freed up if ‘empty nesters’ moved - Irish Independent / Business Property & Mortgages - 08.03.16

RTE Drivetime - Brian Finn covers IPAV’s press release on the business news.  Click link for coverage at 1.12.20 - 07.03.16

Time to help those who can’t buy, rent or build - The Sunday Business Post - 28.02.16

Focus on Flooding: Rising tide - Irish Independent/Life/Home-garden - 31.01.16

Anyone know who 'approves' of new lending regulations? - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

The 'How Much Is Your House Worth?' panel of experts - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

How to use 'How Much Is Your House Worth? - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

Auctioneers want extension of development rebate - Westmeath Examiner - 06.02.16

Auctioneers seek widening of levies rebate scheme - Meath Chronicle - 06.02.16

Can vacant site levies solve housing crisis? – Sunday Business Post 17.01.16

Home economics: answering your property questions - Irish Independent/Life/Home-garden - 15.01.16

The new year brings new mortgage opportunities - Sunday Business Post 03.01.16


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