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Property or a pension: where can you get a better return? – The Irish Times 24.01.17 

Rural action plan boosts towns - but fast broadband is needed urgently – Donegal Now - 23.01.17

RTE Six one TV News - IPAV’s Eamon O’Flaherty interviewed - 23.01.17

How much is your House worth in 2017? -Irish Independent 21.01.17

How much is your House worth in 2017? Ask the experts: Is there a danger of another property bubble forming, as some are claiming? - Irish Independent 21.01.17

House price hikes ‘show politicians fail to learn lesson’ – Irish Examiner 17.01.17

Pat Davitt: Mortgage rules change good but more required - Agent View - Irish Independent 27.11.17

The business of Property by Philip Farrell Real Deal - Irish Independent 27.11.17

Lenient property loan rules risk surge in prices – Irish Examiner 24.11.16

IPAV's Submission to the CBI on LTV & LTI Mortgage Lending Regulations: Newstalk ; Irish Examinerbreakingnews.ie ; Evening Echo ; Western People ;Wexford Echo

New IPAV president sets out his stall -  Irish Times - 23.06.16

Real deal. The business of property  - Sunday Independent - 19.06.2016

Eight reasons why the property market is still struggling -  Irish Times - 23.06.16

High-rise housing could solve crisis in the capital - Sunday Independent - 19.06.16

IPAV president Alan Redmond calls for review of vulture funds - Irish Examiner - 16.06.16

Redmond Calls For Review Of Vulture Funds - North County Leader - 14.06.16

Conference in Dublin to discuss housing crisis - Breakingnews.ie - 11.06.16

Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers wants review of vulture funds - RTE’s 9pm News - 11.06.16

Expectations high for IPAV meeting - Irish Independent / Business - 02.06.16

We must be bold to beat the logjam in  housing - The Sunday Times - 08.05.16

Home economics: answering your property questions – Irish Independent - 06.05.16

'Help to buy' housing scheme needed, committee told – The Irish Times - 04.05.16

I'd struggle with loan under Central Bank mortgage rules - TD -  The Herald - 04.05.16

Property prices continuing to show upward momentum - Irish Examiner - 27.04.16

Property prices up 7.4% in year to March - The Irish Times / Business - 26.04.16

Agent View: The outlook? It all depends on who you are – Sunday Independent / Business Personal Finance 03.04.16

Mortgage lending rules may not be changed in upcoming review - The Irish Times - 01.04.16

Dublin house prices fall for fourth month in a row - The Irish Times / Business 31.03.16

Houses in Dublin are desirable and yet nobody seems able to buy them – The Irish Independent / Opinion Comment 31.03.16

Apartment prices rise as investors swoop in – Irish Independent – 31.03.16

Commuter Belt Spreading Well Into Midlands - IPAV CEO - Midlands103.com - 30.03.16

Property prices up 8% in last 12 months, figures show - Irish Independent - 30.03.16

Central Bank accused of 'deliberately promoting renting over ownership' - Irish Independent / Business - 24.03.16

Auctioneers using drones to give buyers a bird’s-eye view – Irish Examiner - 21.03.16

Real Deal: IPAV proposes funding scheme to tackle crisis – Sunday Independent / Life Home - 20.03.16

All to play for: the dust from the general election is still settling – Sunday Business Post - 06.03.16

Time to help those who can’t buy, rent or build - The Sunday Business Post - 28.02.16

IPAV Calls for postponement of DPS - Daft.ie Insights - 17.02.16 

Calls for cash deals to get elderly 'empty nesters' out of large homes, 26,000 houses could be freed up if ‘empty nesters’ moved - Irish Independent / Business Property & Mortgages - 08.03.16

RTE Drivetime - Brian Finn covers IPAV’s press release on the business news.  Click link for coverage at 1.12.20 - 07.03.16

Time to help those who can’t buy, rent or build - The Sunday Business Post - 28.02.16

Focus on Flooding: Rising tide - Irish Independent/Life/Home-garden - 31.01.16

Anyone know who 'approves' of new lending regulations? - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

The 'How Much Is Your House Worth?' panel of experts - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

How to use 'How Much Is Your House Worth? - Irish Independent/Business - 23.01.16

Auctioneers want extension of development rebate - Westmeath Examiner - 06.02.16

Auctioneers seek widening of levies rebate scheme - Meath Chronicle - 06.02.16

Can vacant site levies solve housing crisis? – Sunday Business Post 17.01.16

Home economics: answering your property questions - Irish Independent/Life/Home-garden - 15.01.16

The new year brings new mortgage opportunities - Sunday Business Post 03.01.16


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