IPAV's 4th European Valuation Conference - Presentations

Following IPAV's 4th European Valuation Conference, presentations are now available below.  A special thank you to all speakers Karen Irace, Michael MacBrien, Lorna Colley, John LeTourneau, Ivan Yates, Roger Messenger, Ella Dunphy, Pat Davitt and conference moderator Ian Noctor.


Michael MacBrien (Belgium):

TEGoVA at the heart of real estate and valuation regulation - by Michael MacBrien 25.10.18 for IPAV

Roger Messenger (UK): 

Property Tax in the UK - by Roger Messenger 25.10.18 for IPAV 

John LeTourneau (USA):

Blockchain and the Future of Real Estate - by John LeTourneau 25.10.18 for IPAV

Karen Irace (USA):

Experiences from Chicago Missteps on Property Valuations- by Karen Irace 25.10.18 for IPAV





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PDF icon experiences_from_chicago_missteps_on_property_valuations-_by_karen_irace_25.10.18_for_ipav.pdf
PDF icon tegova_at_the_heart_of_real_estate_and_valuation_regulation_-_by_michael_macbrien_25.10.18_for_ipav.pdf
PDF icon property_tax_in_the_uk_-_by_roger_messenger_25.10.18_for_ipav.pdf
PDF icon blockchain_and_the_future_of_real_estate_-_by_john_letourneau_25.10.18_for_ipav.pdf