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House prices fall 2.5pc across country as uncertainty over Brexit hits market – Life Home & Garden / Irish Independent 09.09.19

House prices finally begin to fall in Offaly - Offaly Express 09.09.19

Kilkenny typifies but also exceeds national trend in IPAV property price barometer – Kilkenny People 09.09.19

Fear factor now hitting house prices nationwide – Sunday Independent 08.09.19

Learn about fine and decorative arts with IPAV course - Meath Chronicle 04.09.19

‘Cash buyers only’: The true cost of shoddy boomtime home construction – The Irish Times 25.06.19

Kilkenny auctioneer hands over chain of office. Conference hears warning of risk of 'welfare state' - The Kilkenny People 21.06.19 

'herd' mentality risks creating welfare state: O'Flynn - The Irish Examiner 20.06.19

Supply of new homes 'curtailed by Central Bank limits on mortgages' - The Irish Independent 20.06.19

O’Flynn issues stern rebuke to ‘cheerleaders’ of private rented sector - The Irish Times 19.06.19

A Mullingar Man Is The New President Of IPAV (source: Midlands Radio)

IPAV chief calls for energy ratings to be included on price register - The Irish Independent 13.06.19

New refurbishment rules may stymie renewal of old bedsits – The Irish Independent 06.06.19

Incoming Ipav president flexes green muscle with BER proposal – The Irish Times 06.06.19

Kilkenny's Ella Dunphy IPAV President meets new SCSI President – The Kilkenny People 05.06.19

Johanna Gill Appointed President of SCSI; Ella Dunphy President of IPAV, congratulates Johanna Gill on her recent appointment as President of SCSI – WMB 05.06.19 www.womenmeanbusiness.com

'New housing crisis' on horizon as supply comes on stream in wrong areas – Sunday Independent 30.12.18

Eamon Supporting "A Lust for Life at IPAV Lunch" - Liffey Champion 21.12.18 

Rents still rising, but number of landlords falling - RTB rent index - RTE News (rte.ie) 13.12.18

Property experts predict steady but unspectacular property growth in 2019 - The Irish Times 05.12.18

Novice auctioneers: Have you got what it takes?  - Agriland.ie 28.11.18

Novice auctioneers wanted for new competition – Irish Farmers’ Journal 27.11.18

IPAV to hold Novice Auctioneer of the Year competition in January – Myhome.ie 27.11.18

Budding auctioneers to show off sales skills at Tattersals competition - The Irish Times 22.11.18

‘Code of conduct needed’ to stop problem tenants –  The Times (www.thetimes.co.uk) – 19.11.18 

Property price inflation falls to less than 6% in Dublin – The Irish Times 14.11.18

 - 5,000 new homes are still not enough for demand - Irish Independent 10.11.18

Conference Hears Call for Code of Conduct to Tackle Scourge of Irresponsible Tenants – Donegal Now – 18.11.18

5,000 new homes are still not enough for demand – Irish Independent 10.11.18

Auctioneers conference hears how technology is transforming the market – Midland Tribune 08.11.18 

Market Watch Benefits Of Taking A Long View – The Sunday Times – 04.11.18

Estate agencies find private properties to house homeless families – Irish Examiner 02.11.18

- Finders Fee for HAP under fire – Daily Mail 02.11.18

€500 'placement fee' for estate agents who let to homeless families – RTE 01.11.18

Homeless executive defends €500 ‘placement fees’ to estate agents –  The Irish Times 01.11.18

Incentive To Take HAP Tenants Could Be ‘Conflict Of Interest’ – Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV discusses on Midlands 103 Radio

Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV discusses €500 'placement fee' for estate agents who let to homeless families – RTE Radio 1 Morning Ireland 01.11.18

Kilkenny Auctioneer helps launch land dispute mediation service – Kilkenny People 15.10.18

Market Watch Industry Leaders Give Budget A Cautious – The Sunday Times 14.10.18

Nationwide mediation service launched for farmers – Irish Examiner 12.10.18

Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV discusses Budget 2019 on Midlands103 - 11.10.18

Tax relief for landlords will take effect two years early – Irish Independent 10.10.18

Land dispute mediation service – avoiding solicitors and courts – Irish Farmers Journal 09.10.18

Land and house price inflation revealed in farming report unveiled at Ploughing 2018 – The Offaly Express 20.09.18

- Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV and Karl Deeter discuss Proerty Tax on TodayFM  To Listen: The Last Word with Matt Cooper 11.09.18

Land and house price inflation revealed in farming report unveiled at Ploughing 2018 - Offaly Express - 20.09.18

We’re paying an average of €300k to buy a home in Ireland latest figures show – Extra.ie 12.09.18

How high can they go? Six factors affecting Irish house prices - The Irish Times - 18.09.18

Cormac Lucey: Is your money still safe as houses or are property prices about to crumble? – The Sunday Times 09.09.18

House prices in Dublin's most expensive areas have fallen dramatically in the first six months of the year – report – Irish Independent 03.09.18

Auctioneers call for stamp duty cut on land sales – Farm Ireland (Irish Independent) 15.08.18 

Budget 2019: Cut stamp duty on sites for first time buyers – The Irish Times 13.08.18

'Small-time landlords' are being forced out of market – Irish Independent 17.07.18

 - Are landlords really exiting rental market in their droves? – The Irish Times commentary 17.07.18

- Landlords Research – Pat Davitt CEO of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers joined Philip Boucher-Hayes this morning to discuss this. To listen: RTE Seán O’Rourke Programme with Philip Boucher Hayes 16.07.18 16.07.18 

 - Businesses look outside Ireland for insurance as premiums spiral – The Irish Times 11.07.18

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