IPAV's Member Satisfaction Survey 2021 (NPS® )

Very positive results from our recent member satisfaction survey

The results are in from our recent satisfaction survey with an overall score of 75. This is up from 61 in 2020.

We asked John O'Connor, CEO of Deep Insight. Specialists in Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) measurement and author of "Customer at the Heart: How B2B Leaders Build Successful Customer-Centric Organisations" for a comment on our 2021 NPS.

John says "This is an extremely good NPS score. In our experience, achieving this score reflects a number of years of delivering a consistently excellent service."




Some the highlights that members liked included:


“Keeps members informed of all that is happening in the business and gives members a security of being affiliated to a recognised organisation”


“IPAV is an excellent brand and organisation for agents to be a part of, in particular for independents. They give the industry a voice.”


"Training sessions, especially around Agri are great.”


“A voice for the estate agent in matters that count.” and “Represents the property profession”

Members also suggested a number of ares to improve that included:

“Improve the training and bring in more experts in prop tech and Real Estate Marketing”

“I would like to see some of the CPD courses being more relevant to our day to day work.”


Graph - IPAV's Net Promoter Score 2018-2019:


Graph - What does IPAV do really well?:


Graph - IPAV 2021 Net Promoter Score:


 Thank You To All Members Who Took Part

For More Information on IPAV's NPS please email info@ipav.ie