Professional Tax

IPAV is pleased to announce a special email facility whereby IPAV Members can send general tax queries to Shay O'Brien through an assigned email address.

IPAV Members who have general tax queries can direct any queries to the assigned email address whereby Shay O'Brien will respond directly from the assigned email address.

Please note the IPAV will have no involvement in same and any queries that are directed to this email address will be attended to by Shay O'Brien directly.  IPAV Members will appreciate that any tax queries directed to this email address may require more complex advice and Shay O'Brien will advise the respective IPAV Member by email if the query involves a need to issue terms of engagement and agree a fee upfront with IPAV Members.

IPAV will not be held responsible for any matters that arise in the general tax advice being provided. The email that will be issued will be for the IPAV Member’s private use only and will be provided on the express understanding that neither the IPAV or Shay O'Brien will be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

To access the assigned email address please email 


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