IPAV Press Releases


- Rents Q 1 2024 - Rent Caps Continue To Hamper Market As Evidence Mounts - 20.05.24

CSO House Prices – Rises Predictable But New Housing Targets Achievable - IPAV - 17.04.24

IPAV Calls On Minister McEntee To Act On CCPC Concerns On Conveyancing Delays - 14.04.24

- CSO House Prices – Rises Predictable Given Unintended Consequences of Current Policy - IPAV - 20.03.24

Competition and Climate Laws Drive 2023 Land Prices Higher – IPAV Report - 26.02.24

Rents – IPAV Calls On Policy Makers To Concentrate On Supply And Dispense With Punishing Property Owners - 23.02.24

CSO House Prices - Impediments To Building Homes Persist Pushing Prices Higher - IPAV - 21.02.24


Rent Caps – Senior Politicians Promulgating Misinformation Is “Reprehensible” - IPAV - 09.02.24

House Prices – Price Rises Unsurprising - IPAV - 24.01.24

House Prices – IPAV Calls For New Measures In 2024 - 02.01.24


CSO House Prices - Market Has Picked Up Again, As Predicted - IPAV - 13.12.23

- IPAV Warns New Tenant Purchase Bill Will Exacerbate Flight Of Landlords - 05.12.23

RTB Rent Index –   Rental Market Dysfunction Continues Unabated - 30.11.23

CSO House Prices - Market May Have Picked Up Slightly Since September - IPAV - 15.11.23

IPAV calls on Government to act on IMF recommendations on housing supply - 07.11.23

CSO House Prices - Market Stabilised But Major Problems Remain - IPAV - 24.10.23

Budget 2024 - IPAV Welcomes Help-To-Buy And Landlord Measures - 10.10.23

Bill To Speed-Up Property Sales Passes Second Stage - 06.10.23

Almost Seven In Ten Experience Unnecessary Delays In Buying Properties - 02.10.23

CSO House Prices – Rising Interest Rates Not Big Factor Since Many Buyers Alread ‘Locked-Out’ - 18.09.23

House Prices Stabilising but Housing System Needs Reform - Latest IPAV Residential Property Price Barometer - 27.08.23

- IPAV Calls On Government To Go Back To The Future For Low Interest Rate Mortgages - 22.08.23

Loan Offers Being Withdrawn Because Of Conveyancing Delays – New IPAV Survey - 14.08.23

- Rents – Rpz Legislation Continues To Ratchet Up Rents - Ipav - 10.08.23

House Prices - Vacant Homes Initiative Critical If Interest Rate Rises Threaten Flow Of New Properties - 18.07.23

RTB Rent Index – Budget Needs ‘Meaningful’ Measures To Keep Private Landlords In The Market - 28.06.23

House Prices - Rise Unsurprising – IPAV - 14.06.23

IPAV Calls for Bridging Finance Provision In Credit Union Bill To Address Unwillingness Of Banks To Lend For Vacant Properties - 17.05.23

House Prices – More Needs To Be Done To Stabilise Prices Over The Medium To Long-Term  - 17.05.23

IPAV Launches Rental Market Proposals - 24.04.23

House Prices - Still Resilient - 29.03.23

Rtb Termination Figures - Unsurprising Says Ipav As It Decries Treatment Of Private Landlords - 03.04.23

House Prices – Residential Prices Likely to Stay Reasonably Steady Despite Challenges - 29.03.23

Lifting Of Eviction Ban – Measures Show ‘More Concrete Understanding Of Market Realities’ – 22.03.23

RTB Rent Index – IPAV Says Rents Increase Because Of Lack Of Supply - 16.03.23

House Prices - Volumes Not Yet Back To Pre Pandemic Levels Despite Increased Demand - 15.03.23

IPAV Chief Executive Appointed To Global Real Estate Body - 03.23

The Right Vacant Property Incentives Could Address Housing And Climate Objectives Simultaneously– 03.23

CSO House Price Index – Lower Country Prices Attracting Renewed Interest – IPAV - 15.02.23

Rents – IPAV Reiterates Call For Abolition Of Rent Pressure Zone Legislation - 13.02.23

Demand Keeps House Prices Elevated – Latest IPAV Residential Property Price Barometer - 12.02.23

Strong Demand Continues to Drive Land Price Increases - 03.02.23

Government Scheme To Address Apartment Defects Expected To Restore Lost Asset Values - 23.01.23

CSO House Price Index - Despite Headline Figures Homes Still Available For Less Than The Cost Of Building - 18.01.23


House Price Increases Predicted To Come In At About 8pc Overall For The Year - 14.12.22

New Report Concludes Ireland Has One Of The Most Robust Property Regulatory Systems To Protect Buyers And Sellers - 23.11.22 (Irish Times)

- RTB Rent Index Shows Landlords Continue To Flee The Market – IPAV - 24.11.22

Landlords Still Fleeing Despite Record High Rents – IPAV - 22.11.22

House Price Increases Slowing But Sizeable Increases In Midlands And West - IPAV - 16.11.22

Mortgage Rules Changes Do Not Go Far Enough – IPAV - 19.10.22

Temporary Eviction Ban Would Exacerbate Flow Of Private Landlords From The Market – IPAV - 17.10.22

House Price Increases Slowing But ECB Interest Rate Hikes Worrying Consumers – IPAV - 13.10.22

Budget 2023 - IPAV Welcomes Certain Measures But Says Lack Of Action To Assist Small Landlords Disappointing27.09.22

IPAV and IPOA - Budget Inaction to Accelerate Exit of Small Landlords - 27.09.22

IPAV and IPOA To Appear Before Oireachtas Housing Committee - 19.09.22

House Price Increases Slowing But ECB Interest Rate Hikes Whack Consumers - IPAV 14.09.22

IPAV CEO To Step Down 09.09.22

Death of former IPAV CEO, Liam O’Donnell 05.09.22

IPAV AND IPOA Propose Budget Measures to Address Failures in Rental Sector 23.08.22

House Prices – Interest Rate Rises and Inflation Predicted To Curb Increases In Latter Part Of Year 12.08.22

Call For Mortgage Terms Of Up To 50 Years To Aid Home Ownership 11.08.22


RTB Rent Index With Almost One-Third Drop In Tenancies Must Shock System Into Better Treatment Of Private Landlords Before It’s Too Late- IPAV 26.07.22

New Tenant Regulations Will Exacerbate Exit of Private Landlords - New IPAV President Warns 10.07.22

House Prices – Market Impediments Likely To Keep Prices Elevated 27.06.22

Climate Agenda To Lead To Two-Tier Property Market 01.06.22

- Housing Policy needs to adjust to address market failures in the rental sector - new study 18.05.22

RTB Rent Index –Insufficient Data Still Informing Policy – IPAV 27.04.22

- Why are private landlords selling despite record rents 29.03.22

- House Prices - Factors impacting supply getting worse 28.03.22

Soaring House Prices set to overtake record levels of Celtic Tiger 17.03.22

House Price Index - More needs to be done to make home ownership more affordable 16.03.22

Galway Auctioneer Wins IPAV National Novice Auctioneer Competition 13.02.22

- CSO House Price Index –-Sterling Advantage Pushing Border’s Highest Price Increases- IPAV 16.02.22

Latest IPAV House Price Study Confirms Growing Appeal Of The Country 06.02.22

IPAV Launches Farming Report 2021 – Notable Uptick in Land Values 31.01.22

CSO House Price Index –-Blended Work Changing Desirability Of Particular Locations And One-Off Homes Driving Highest Growth - IPAV 19.01.22


House Prices - Supply May Be Better Than Figures Suggest IPAV Says 29.12.21

CSO House Price Index – One-Off Properties Driving Strong Growth – IPAV 15.12.21

“Mortgage Rules Decision “Disheartening” - IPAV 25.11.21

Legislation To Speed-Up Residential Property Sales To Be Introduced Into Dáil 19.11.21

Tenancies Of Unlimited Duration To Exacerbate The Flight Of Private Landlords From The Market – IPAV Warns 18.11.21

IPAV Says Low Landlord Income Unsurprising To Market Practitioners 17.11.21

CSO House Price Index - IPAV Predicts Slowing Of Pace For Final Quarter 14.11.21

IPAV Says DAFT.ie Rental Report Shows It’s Beyond Time For A Total Focus On The Supply Of Homes 10.11.21

IPAV Calls For Greater Urgency In Updating Rental Data 02.11.21

CSO House Price Index - Double-Digit Growth Likely To Taper - IPAV 14.10.21

IPAV Welcomes Some Budget Measures But Says It Is Regrettable No Move To Equalise Tax Treatment Of Private Landlords 12.10.21

House Prices Accelerating – IPAV Residential Property Price Barometer 05.09.21

IPAV Welcomes Housing Plan But Warns Against Long-Standing Impediments 02.09.21

Tweaking Mortgage Rules Essential, Despite Dysfunctional Market 24.08.21

IPAV Says Daft.Ie Rental Report Shows “Tinkering Around The Edges Of The Demand Side” Has Failed – Time To Tackle Supply Side In Unprecedented Way 10.08.21

Rents – IPAV Says DAFT.ie Report Illustrates Just How Daft Rental Versus Purchase Is 12.05.21

CSO House Price Index – IPAV Says Prices Continuing Upwards 12.05.21 

CSO House Price Index – IPAV Says Inability To View Properties, Except Online, Impacting Supply And Therefore, Prices 15.04.21

Continuing House Price Inflation Must Be Stemmed By Increasing Supply 31.03.21

Rent Inflation - IPAV Says The Building Of More Homes Is The Answer 24.03.21

Latest IPAV Study Of Residential House Prices Shows Increases That Defy Predictions 15.02.21

CSO House Price Index – Housing Demand Severely Outstripping Supply 19.01.21


Rents – IPAV Says Institutional Investors Keeping Rents Elevated In Dublin, Where They Dominate 21 Dec 

Mortgage Rules Working Against Those On Average Wages – IPAV 26 Nov 

Rents – IPAV Says Long-Term Strategy For Affordable Homes Needed  08 Nov 

IPAV Conference Hears Predictions Of Covid Debt Challenges To Banks And New Shape Of Cities 28 Oct 

Property Professionals Issue Updated Guidance For Level 5 Covid-19 Restrictions 21 Oct 

CSO House Price Index - IPAV Says Prices Will Continue To Hold Up But Warns Of Supply Threat 18 Aug 


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