Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures

All IPAV members must abide by the Code of Conduct and its corresponding Disciplinary Procedure Regulations as laid down in IPAV's Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Members of the public or fellow professionals, who believe an IPAV member has contravened this Code, can submit a signed formal letter of complaint to IPAV. Please note IPAV is a Professional Body and not the Regulatory body.


How to make a formal complaint:

  • Confirm the Property Services Provider (PSP) is an IPAV Member by searching our Members Directory or contact IPAV at or 01-6785685
  • IPAV can only accept complaints against a PSP who is a registered IPAV member
  • A written formal letter of complaint should be addressed to: CEO, IPAV, 129 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
  • Ensure the letter is signed and dated by the complainant
  • Outline the reason for the complaint
  • If applicable, provide supporting documentation
  • A full copy of the complaint received at IPAV will be sent to the member for their written response
  • Any failure by the member to respond, or any comments which warrant further investigation shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee
  • Subject to the decision of the Disciplinary Committee there may be a prima facie case for an inquiry
  • If legal proceedings are already in place regarding the complaint, IPAV will not investigate until the final outcome of the legal proceedings

Click below to download IPAV's Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures;