The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) was established in 1971 as a representative professional body for qualified, licensed auctioneers, property service providers, valuers and estate agents throughout Ireland.

IPAV currently represents over 1400 Members and has a National Council which consists of 20 elected Members representing all four provinces.


  • To provide an organisation for Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents to protect, advance and promote the professional standards of Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents, Property Managing Agents, Letting Agents and  Property Professionals and the promotion in the public interest of the professional competence and to protect the interest of Members as between themselves and as between Members, non-Members and the General Public.
  • To promote personal and friendly relations among the Members of the Company, to hold meetings for the delivery of lectures, discussions, conferences and to encourage the best professional methods of conducting the business of its Members.
  • To act as a means of communication between Members or others seeking engagements as, Auctioneers, Valuers Estate Agents, Property Managing Agents, Letting Agents and Property Professionals and employers desirous of employing them.
  • To form a library for the use of Members.
  • To apply, petition for or promote in the Republic of Ireland any Act of the Oireachtas, EU Directive or other legal measure or order or elsewhere any Act of Parliament, Royal Charter or other authority, legal measure or order with a view to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  • To watch over, promote and protect the mutual interests of the Members, to promote honourable practice, to suppress malpractice and to decide all questions of professional use or courtesy between or among Members.
  • To provide a system of professional education to achieve the aforesaid objects.
  • To establish a Disciplinary Committee consisting of five internal and two external professionals.
  • The ethos of IPAV ensures education plays a continuous and significant part in its Members professional development.  
  • IPAV has available education courses to educate aspiring Property Service Providers to the high professional standards expected of an IPAV Member.
  • IPAV’s educational programmes are delivered to ensure best practice and the highest international standards are achieved.  Courses are subject to continuous review and updated to reflect changes in the industry.