IPAV Country Chapter


IPAV's Chapter - Country-Specific Legislation and Practice

Country Chapters compiled by TEGoVA Member Associations (TMAs) are provided to outline country-specific legislation and practice. The information provided is not intended to provide definitive advice but assists an understanding of the characteristics employed in any evaluation undertaken in reaching an opinion of value.

Valuation reports prepared in accordance with European Valuation Standards (EVS) respect national legislation, regulation and custom. Valuations are also informed by current market dynamics in each area or sub-area.


With the participation of TEGoVA and under the leadership of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) from the UK, Member Associations from France (SNPI), Lithuania (Registru Centras, the Lithuanian State Register of Property), Poland (PFVA) and Romania (ANEVAR), have been partners within an EU funded project -Developing a European Framework for Valuation Standards (DEFVAS). One of the outcomes of this important initiative has been the provision of dedicated Country Chapters for the respective countries.

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