IPAV European Valuation Conference 2023 Presentations

Presentations from the IPAV European Valuation Conference 2023 can be downloaded clicking on the presentation title or by downloading the files below:


Krzysztof Grzesik, Chairman of the Board of Directors TEGOVA 

Topic: EU Law on Valuation for Bank Lending


Colin Smith, Senior Direct CBRE - Compulsory Purchase

Topic: Compulsory Purchase and Compensation


Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Adviser, The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers

Topic: Property Values: Flooding and Climate Change Adaptation


Ella Dunphy, Director of DNG Ella Dunphy

Topic: Education - European Business Valuations


Michael MacBrien, Adviser to TEGOVA & Editor of European Valuer

Topic: Valuation in the wake of the European Green Deal


Rita Carney, Senior Director, Offices JLL

Topic: An Overview of the Dublin Office Market


Cathal Lawlor, AITI Chartered Tax Adviser, TEP, Lawlor Partners

Topic: Capital Tax update 


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PDF icon eu_law_on_valuation_for_bank_lending_-_krzysztof_grzesik.pdf504.51 KB
PDF icon compulsory_purchase_and_compensation_-_colin_smith.pdf524.19 KB
PDF icon property_values_flooding_and_climate_change_adaptation_-_jeremy_moody.pdf197.92 KB
PDF icon education_-_european_business_valuations_-_ella_dunphy.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon valuation_in_the_wake_of_the_european_green_deal_-_michael_macbrien.pdf802.96 KB
PDF icon an_overview_of_the_dublin_office_market_-_rita_carney.pdf2.07 MB
PDF icon capital_tax_update_-_cathal_lawlor.pdf1.65 MB