Blue Book

"The Blue Book" Professionalism in Valuation Standards Today Tomorrow and into the Future. IPAV 7th Edition

European Central Bank Favours “European Valuation Standards” Over All Other Standards

After years of topical discussion about valuation standards especially since the EU Mortgage Credit Directive came into force on 20 March 2014, this Directive was finally transposed into Irish Law by S.I. No 142 of 2016 on the 21 March 2016.

The REV Scheme


TEGoVA's Recognised European Valuer Scheme is designed to maintain, enhance and harmonise valuation standards and the valuation profession in Europe, and, by the granting of the status TEGoVA 'Recognised European Valuer' and designation REV™, to provide individual practising valuers in each member country with a well-defined indicator of qualification and experience, with the aim of assuring clients of their valuation proficiency.

Recognised European Valuer (REV)

Welcome to the Recognised European Valuer Scheme.

This scheme is designed to maintain, enhance and harmonise valuation standards and the valuation profession in Europe.

The international nature of real estate markets, particularly at this time of economic uncertainty, highlights the need for co-operation between valuers, ensuring they possess the awareness and knowledge required to enable them to provide accurate and informed advice to clients across Europe.

IPAV Country Chapter


IPAV's Chapter - Country-Specific Legislation and Practice

Country Chapters compiled by TEGoVA Member Associations (TMAs) are provided to outline country-specific legislation and practice. The information provided is not intended to provide definitive advice but assists an understanding of the characteristics employed in any evaluation undertaken in reaching an opinion of value.

IPAV (REV) Valuer

IPAV is a “TEGoVA Member Association” (TMA) since May 2013 and is awarded the right to confer Recognised European Valuer (REV) status on it's members.

REV status is a guarantee that an IPAV (REV) Valuer is proficient in TEGoVA Minimum Educational Standards (MES) and can complete valuations to “Blue Book” standards.